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  Update #3- October 7, 2017
Posted by: Heartlessrosie - 10-08-2017, 02:11 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

It's been a great couple of months! Thank you so much to everyone who has gotten on in the past few months. I appreciate you all and let's keep this server alive! We are accepting applications, especially for designers! With the server growing, we have added some new stuff for you to enjoy.

Disguises and GUI
Disguises are officially fixed and available to all donors! It also comes with a cool new GUI! Enjoy!

Spawner Shop
There is now a spawner shop gui that will make the whole process of buying and selling so much easier and hassle-free! With the shop, we have also added more spawners! 
✮ Enderman ✮
✮ Endermite ✮
✮ Villager ✮
✮ Bat ✮
✮ Squid ✮
✮ Mooshroom ✮
✮ Creeper ✮
✮ Cavespider ✮
✮ Silverfish ✮
✮ Magma Cube ✮
✮ Polar Bear ✮
✮ Evoker ✮
✮ Shulker ✮
✮ Illusioner ✮

You can now access 10,000+ heads at no cost!

Daily rewards
Login daily for cool rewards!

Sad Spawners
Posted by: RunningRuben01 - 10-07-2017, 05:03 PM - Forum: Marketplace - Replies (1)


I tried to buy a wolf-spawner in the shop, at /warp spawner.
But when i clicked, i saw in the chat: "this sign is locked with a magical spell."
can you fix it?? I hope so


RunningRuben01 and Kimfairy

  Helper Application
Posted by: wookieboycot - 10-06-2017, 12:09 AM - Forum: Denied - Replies (1)

State your IGN:wookieboycot
State your age:I am 18
What timezone are you in and what is your availability?I am in the Central Time Zone and apart from school this game is where I spend most my time from from 4 to 11 mostly.
How do you plan on responsibly performing your duties as a helper?As a helper i will try my best to help people in game and report to the admins / moderators if any problems are happening unless i'm instructed to do otherwise.(like in a rule or by a higher rank)
What previous experience do you have being a staff member?I haven't in a game but i have lead 13 instrumental group in my high school band befor.
List any recent past incidents that resulted in your account being banned on any server.
I was banned for prop killing in gmod,on your server for fun,on your server for exploiting,on your server for exploiting, for fun on your server.
Describe what tasks you believe the position you are applying for does for the server:I think the herler should do lots of the grunt work for the higher ranks.
Additional Comments:i am on the server almost every day of the week.

  I'm me.
Posted by: Tsuchikage - 10-02-2017, 10:07 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (2)

Hey I'm Tsuchikage also known as Airstrikes on Discord. My intro is boring unlike Squirrels. You know who I am now. So you can close this window and continue on.


  Helper Apllication by AnneLisaJule
Posted by: AnneLisaJule - 09-27-2017, 02:17 PM - Forum: Denied - Replies (3)

State your IGN:
State your age:
What timezone are you in and what is your availability?:
UTC +1
I would say I am able to have at least 3 hours of pure freetime daily, which I can spend for the duty I am applying right now.
How do you plan on responsibly performing your duties as a helper?
As said in the part above I have enough freetime to perform my duty and the way is of Course in a respectful way for players.
What previous exprience do you have being a staff member?

I have been a staff member on a server about the size of this one. I had been a Supporter for about 3 months on that past server. Following to that I was an Admin until the server owner decided to close the server (ca. 5 months).
List any recent past incidents that resulted in your account being banned on any server
There have been zero incidents that resulted in a way described above. 
Describe what tasks you believe the position you are applying for does for the server:

I do believe that the position will result in the server becoming a more Newcomer friendly server. If that happens (what I think it will) new players wont just 'visit' the server, but rather stay longer and that might result in them becoming true server members
Additional Comments:

If you decide you don't want me to be a staff member, will I accept it.

  Staff Application
Posted by: wonderbar887 - 09-25-2017, 11:24 PM - Forum: Approved - Replies (5)

State your IGN:

State your age:
Fourteen (14) 

What timezone are you in and what is your availability?
Mountain Standard Time (MST) I am in Alberta, Canada, Now that schools here i am busy 6-8 hours a day and probally around 2 additional hours for eating and chores so that leaves around 5-8 hours a day on the server, or playing mc, on the weekends its a different story as I honestly probably play 14 hours a day on weekends if not more

How do you plan on responsibly performing your duties as a helper?
As a helper I would be very active which means I can watch over the server for anyone in need of help, or anyone who is not following the rules and punish/warn them accordingly, I could also help with any builds/projects the server as working on because i enjoy that stuff Tongue

What previous experience do you have being a staff member?

My previous experiences I have as staff on minecraft is, I have had two helper ranks on average size servers, 10-50 people, and I own my own server which is currently in development. With this experience i know basically all minecraft commands and also a fair bit about some plugins.

List any recent past incidents that resulted in your account being banned on any server.
I was once banned on my friends server for going to his house and going in his config and setting it so everyone had the metro punishment. :Sad  Lol

Describe what tasks you believe the position you are applying for does for the server:

A helper's main job is encouraging everyone to abide all rules, and helping anyone in need of assistance on Herondale.

Additional Comments:

Thank you greatly for considering my application! I think I would be a great addition to the team!  Angel

  doner perks
Posted by: wookieboycot - 09-25-2017, 12:09 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

you don`t get 2 lucky blocks in kit
this does not work
Free permenant shop plot is not up yet
The ability to set unlimited homes 

and  Disguise as players!
is not a thing that works or just not an option
/workbench - Opens a virtual crafting table
/enderchest - Opens a virtual enderchest
take to long to use
./nick - Change your nickname!
is limited by the rules

[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]-----------------------------------------------------------[/color]
so my conclusion is we need to add /fly or // to there abilities or possibly both         or instead of all that a large section of a map to use op on 

is needed i may throw more ideas at this page.

  Halo!! Is me skrool!
Posted by: Gaming Squirrel - 09-21-2017, 04:25 AM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (1)

Hello! I'm Gaming Squirrel, also know on the discord and server as squirrel and by rose and discord as Skrool.... thats alot of names. 

I am currently the community admin on this wonderful server, Herondale! (sound similar to riverdale if you ask me, and I love them both). A little background on me, I am from a smallish island next to Australia (not in Australia or part of it) called New Zealand, and I have lived here all my life. I started playing Minecraft 4-5 years ago and i have seen this wonderful game grow, threw the good times, and the bad (1.9). I am a stricktish person as I don't like bullying or rude/disrespectful players or people and will give people who are like that a stern talking to so watch out for that (or you could just be a nice person and not have to look over your shoulder for me every 5 mins) but other then that i like to think that I'm a calm and collected person who once i put my mind to something I can achieve anything!

Look out for me in-game and on the discord, I'm always up for a chat!

  Introducing the flower
Posted by: Heartlessrosie - 09-16-2017, 02:55 AM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (1)

Hi! My name is Rose and I am the owner of HerondaleMC! It has been a crazy, boring, tiring, and fun journey to starting this server but I am glad that I did it and I hope we will be around for years. So my name is Rose, like I said, and I'm a girl. The end.

Just kidding! I love to play games, make friends, and listen to music. My favorite food is McDonalds....love McDickeys. I also love Persian food and Chinese. I love mayo but I hate mustard. Hate it. With a passion. Just ew. No. Gross. I'm 20 years old, going into 21 on February! I have no life so I will most likely be on either Discord or Minecraft all the time. If you ever see me on Minecraft, talk to me! If you see me on Discord, still talk to me! I don't bite :> There is so much more to say but it can not be said...I mean, I can tell you, but I'll have to kill you. Talk to me and get to know me Big Grin

  Update #2 - September 14,2017
Posted by: Heartlessrosie - 09-16-2017, 02:47 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

It will almost be 2 months that we have gone live! It's been great but there have been many bugs and a few people who were nice and cooperated, i appreciate it. As always, please post it in the bug forums because if you tell me, I will forget about it in the next minute or so. So to get on with what's new!

Slimefun Items!
We have new expansions to Slimefun! These expansions include Barrels, Private storage, and hotbar pets!

Have you ever had that feeling, where you have way too much stuff of the same type and too little space to store it? Well, Barrels is for you! Barrels allow you to store an item of the same type in bulk quantities, in only one block. There currently are 5 sizes, listed below
      ▸ Small - 64 Stacks
      ▸ Medium - 128 Stacks
      ▸ Big - 256 Stacks
      ▸ Large - 512 Stacks
      ▸ Deep Storage Unit - 16384 Stacks.
The following modules can be installed into Barrels, to enhance them.
      ▸ Explosion Module - Prevents the barrel from getting broken from explosions.

      ▸ Biometric Module - Prevents other people from accessing a Barrel. To add somebody to barrels' whitelist, simply right click the barrel with a bound ID Card to the person to be added.
      ▸ Structural Upgrade I- Adds 8192 more capacity to a barrel
      ▸ Structural Upgrade II- Adds 16384 more capacity to a barrel.
      ▸ Structural Upgrade III- Adds 32768 more capacity to a barrel.    

Private Storage
This plugin adds a private Chest to the game as well as a magical lock. This private chest also comes with 5 different Tiers! (2x9, 3x9, 4x9, 5x9, and 6x9) and 2 explosion withstanding Tiers (4x9 and 5x9) but it also adds regular chests with these Attributes. The Private safe can only be opened or broken by the creator of it.

This plugin gives you the chance to have pets you can carry around in your hotbar. All pets have a certain "Special Ability" such as Fire Resistance, Saturation, or even Regeneration. But be sure to feed them or they might eat you! Pets can vary from normal Minecraft animals up to hostile Minecraft mobs and "special" pets referring to some people on the Internet.