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LWC for Noobs
What is LWC?
LWC is a plugin which allows users to place a "magical spell" on various blocks to prevent or control access to chests, furnaces, and various other blocks.

Blocks LWC can protect
‣ Signs
‣ Trapped Chests
‣ Chests
‣ Iron Doors
‣ Wooden Doors
‣ Brewing Stands
‣ Wooden Trapdoors
‣ Iron Trapdoors
‣ Fence Gates

Creating a basic LWC protection
‣ Make the block you want to protect

‣ Lock the furnace so no one can use it by using /lock
‣ Add people to it by using /cmodify <name>
‣ Need to set a lock or modify for 50 items? Use /cpersist. For example. If I do /cpersist then /c modify Unicorn, I can go ahead and punch all 50 items because that command will stay. Do /cpersist to get out of that mode

The different types of protection
‣ Use /cpublic to make it so that anyone can access it, but not remove the block.
‣ Use /cpassword should be self explanatory on what it does
‣ Use /cdonation to make a donation chest that can be opened and seen by everyone but not take anything out.

If you let someone access to a chest and they steal your stuff, no one is responsible and you will not get your stuff back.
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