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Banning Policy
When you are muting or banning or warning, please don't just put spam or the default. Do the actual reason.

Here's what not to do:
/tempban Milkbar
/mute Milkbar
/ban Milkbar

Here's what to do:
/tempan Milkbar Staff Disrespect
/mute Milkbar Spam
/ban Milkbar X-Ray

Any staff caught doing the normal or default, will be demoted. You have 3 chances. No banning or muting just for fun. You may not use your moderator/helper powers just for fun or to your advantage. Staff caught using /fly, /god, etc. Will be demoted on sight. No exceptions made!

If they admit to x-raying or hacking then temp-ban them for 7 days. If they have already been banned before then perm ban them.

1st Offence: Tempmute for a day
2nd Offence: Tempban for 7 days
3rd Offence: Ban

1st Offence: Tempmute for 1 day
2nd Offence: Ban

If at any time the person leaves when you confront them, you are more than welcome to ban them. Please look in Discord for where to post once you warn or ban someone. 
[Image: Heartlessrosie.png]

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