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Update Update #2 - September 14,2017
It will almost be 2 months that we have gone live! It's been great but there have been many bugs and a few people who were nice and cooperated, i appreciate it. As always, please post it in the bug forums because if you tell me, I will forget about it in the next minute or so. So to get on with what's new!

Slimefun Items!
We have new expansions to Slimefun! These expansions include Barrels, Private storage, and hotbar pets!

Have you ever had that feeling, where you have way too much stuff of the same type and too little space to store it? Well, Barrels is for you! Barrels allow you to store an item of the same type in bulk quantities, in only one block. There currently are 5 sizes, listed below
      ▸ Small - 64 Stacks
      ▸ Medium - 128 Stacks
      ▸ Big - 256 Stacks
      ▸ Large - 512 Stacks
      ▸ Deep Storage Unit - 16384 Stacks.
The following modules can be installed into Barrels, to enhance them.
      ▸ Explosion Module - Prevents the barrel from getting broken from explosions.

      ▸ Biometric Module - Prevents other people from accessing a Barrel. To add somebody to barrels' whitelist, simply right click the barrel with a bound ID Card to the person to be added.
      ▸ Structural Upgrade I- Adds 8192 more capacity to a barrel
      ▸ Structural Upgrade II- Adds 16384 more capacity to a barrel.
      ▸ Structural Upgrade III- Adds 32768 more capacity to a barrel.    

Private Storage
This plugin adds a private Chest to the game as well as a magical lock. This private chest also comes with 5 different Tiers! (2x9, 3x9, 4x9, 5x9, and 6x9) and 2 explosion withstanding Tiers (4x9 and 5x9) but it also adds regular chests with these Attributes. The Private safe can only be opened or broken by the creator of it.

This plugin gives you the chance to have pets you can carry around in your hotbar. All pets have a certain "Special Ability" such as Fire Resistance, Saturation, or even Regeneration. But be sure to feed them or they might eat you! Pets can vary from normal Minecraft animals up to hostile Minecraft mobs and "special" pets referring to some people on the Internet.
[Image: Heartlessrosie.png]

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