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Introducing the flower
Hi! My name is Rose and I am the owner of HerondaleMC! It has been a crazy, boring, tiring, and fun journey to starting this server but I am glad that I did it and I hope we will be around for years. So my name is Rose, like I said, and I'm a girl. The end.

Just kidding! I love to play games, make friends, and listen to music. My favorite food is McDonalds....love McDickeys. I also love Persian food and Chinese. I love mayo but I hate mustard. Hate it. With a passion. Just ew. No. Gross. I'm 20 years old, going into 21 on February! I have no life so I will most likely be on either Discord or Minecraft all the time. If you ever see me on Minecraft, talk to me! If you see me on Discord, still talk to me! I don't bite :> There is so much more to say but it can not be said...I mean, I can tell you, but I'll have to kill you. Talk to me and get to know me Big Grin
[Image: Heartlessrosie.png]
My name's Jeff.
Your friendly neighborhood martial artist and pianist.

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