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doner perks
you don`t get 2 lucky blocks in kit
this does not work
Free permenant shop plot is not up yet
The ability to set unlimited homes 

and  Disguise as players!
is not a thing that works or just not an option
/workbench - Opens a virtual crafting table
/enderchest - Opens a virtual enderchest
take to long to use
./nick - Change your nickname!
is limited by the rules

[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]-----------------------------------------------------------[/color]
so my conclusion is we need to add /fly or // to there abilities or possibly both         or instead of all that a large section of a map to use op on 

is needed i may throw more ideas at this page.
The only limitation on /nick is to keep it PG, no jibberish (&k), or no impersonating staff member. Other than that, you are free to have it as whatever as long as it is 16 characters long.

/workbench and /enderchest is nothing that we can help with. the time of their use is solely on the plugin and not on my end. I am working on a virtual plugin and I will keep that in mind.

Disguises are working. Are you sure you're typing it correctly? Try /d to bring up the menu. You can also use /ig or /idg to bring up the disguise GUI. I have tested this myself and it is working. If it doesn't work, then please let me know. The shops are being worked on by our dearest CaptainFox and they will be available soon.

I will look into the lucky blocks and let you know as soon as I have fixed it. In the meantime, I have put 2 stacks of lucky blocks in your inv.
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