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Denied Developer
State your IGN:

State your age:
Sixteen (16) 

I have Dyslexia, my englisch sucs a lot

What timezone are you in and what is your availability?
Amsterdam Time Zone, During the summer and school breaks 10 - 50+ hours a week; 
during school I'll be on during the evenings 5 - 25+ hours a week

How do you plan on responsibly performing your duties as a Developer?
I will take the responsibility of a Diveloper by making sure everyone can play in a server,  I will make sure the people get what they needed, and remove gliches in the server. (like /rtp in /shop world). 

What previous experience do you have being a staff member?

I have mutch experience as a staff member.

I used to be a owner of a server named IBEX. IBEX was a server with pvp and minigames, but i edited all kinds off plugins. i had plugins like KITPVP and Creative plots, but also claiming grounds and slimefun.  next to that, i was also a helper on another slimefun server, but both wend down because off money. as last i am a VIP+/Helper on Trolax servers. that are a group of servers specialy made for kitpvp.

List any recent past incidents that resulted in your account being banned on any server.
I have never been banned fairly or muted on any Minecraft server or any other game.
i was ones banned from cubecraft. but thats because someone couldn't handle his faleure and made it look like i was flying bt opening a texurepack where you didn't saw cobblestone and wood... (the b***h)

Describe what tasks you believe the position you are applying for does for the server:
I believe that a Developer has to take the responsibility to make the server a better place to play with your friends.
 A Developer should help keep a happy environment for everyone that has joined and will join herondalemc by making sure everyone can play nice, and without gliches

Additional Comments:
I hope this is enouf information about me, if you have questions about me you can send them to my Skype account RunningRuben01, or my e-mail-account.

Thanx for reading this. i hope it is enouf
Thank you for applying and I am so sorry that it has taken us awhile to get back to you. Although, I believe you are a great person, I must deny this application. My reasons are as follows;

Your English - I understand that your english sucks and no one's is good. But I would like to see a little effort being put in. Simply typing it into google fixes it. When it comes to coding and configuring plugins, even an extra space or single wrong letter can mess up the whole thing. If you are not willing to put enough effort into your application then how will I know that you will put needed effort into the plugins?

Now with that being said, you may reapply again in 1 month.
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