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Denied Panema's Helper/Mod Application
State your IGN:

State your age:
Twenty (20)

What timezone are you in and what is your availability?
EST (UTC -5) For now, I am available more often than not.

How do you plan on responsibly performing your duties as a helper?
I am open to going great lengths in order to assist players while keeping the peace. I have fairly decent knowledge about the server's plugins and can easily answer most questions about them. I will put forth my most professional attitude when dealing with disputes or other issues in order to ensure the best experience for other players.

What previous exprience do you have being a staff member?
I have no prior experience as a MineCraft staff member, however I find it easy to conduct myself maturely and professionally as needed and enjoy helping others when I can.

List any recent past incidents that resulted in your account being banned on any server.
I have never been banned, muted, or otherwise received a warning on any server (with the exception of joke-bans by friends).

Describe what tasks you believe the position you are applying for does for the server:
I believe that helpers, moderators and admins are the face of a server. Without good, mature staff, a server cannot succeed, as new players may be driven away and older players may be pushed to their limits. As a staff member, you must be well-behaved and helpful, as well as vigilant for potential problems to keep a server running well.

Additional Comments:
I believe that a staff member should be welcome to have their fun times, but must know when to stop and diffuse an argument, assist a player, or simply answer questions in a mature and professional manner. As the face of a server, a staff member should be kind and helpful at all times, even with the most difficult players or issues. Mutes and bans are not to be taken lightly as they can quickly deter players from a server. I hope to be able to uphold my own standards and help HerondaleMC succeed.
Thank you for your consideration.

Throwing in an edit: My Discord is Panema#4303.
I also do digital artwork as well as large scale MC builds and terraforming projects.
Thank you for applying! We will get back to you in 24-48 hours!
[Image: Heartlessrosie.png]
Congratulations and welcome to the team! Sorry for taking a while. Although you are accepted, you'll be put in-waiting which means, you will become helper once the need rises for it. We will be having more players on due to becoming part of a network so hang tight! Thank you for applying and be sure to contact me if you have any questions.
[Image: Heartlessrosie.png]
Due to being non-active in server or on Discord after this post, you are officially declined. Thank you for applying!
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